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Residential Turf Cleaning

 Residential Turf Cleaning Services



At Turf Doctors, it isn’t enough to simply provide turf cleaning services. And, we don’t expect you to “just take our word” that the job will be done right. Let’s face it – nobody likes to see matted artificial grass. However, did you know that matted turf is more than just an eyesore? Matted artificial turf prevents your drainage from functioning as it should, resulting in water accumulation and bacteria buildup.

Thankfully, turf cleaning by Turf Doctors is here to help. Our turf cleaning services restore, uplift, and revitalize artificial grass to leave it looking great and return it to its prime operational state.

Residential Turf Cleaning Services







Frequently asked questions

How Often Should You Clean Your Turf?

Turf maintenance is an important part of keeping your lawn looking beautiful and healthy. In Southern California, regular cleaning is crucial to remove debris, leaves, and other materials that can clog and damage your turf. But how often should you clean your turf?

Do We Sanitize and Deodorize?

Yes! We get rid of unpleasant odors from your lawn. Pet waste and other organic matter can accumulate over time on the surface of your turf, leading to an unpleasant smell. Reoccurring odor problems like this can be easily resolved by regularly cleaning your turf with Turf Doctors.

Does someone need to be home for the service?

We’d prefer if someone were home for the first turf cleaning service to introduce ourselves and answer any questions. However, once you sign up for our regular services, you won’t need to be home for each turf cleaning, and you can even set up your preferences with us.

How do we know how many square feet we have?

Our service is charged by the square foot, so we can take the liberty of measuring your lawn. As part of our synthetic grass cleaning service, we will do the math before beginning services and give you an honest, transparent estimate.

Do I need to wait to use our artificial grass after cleaning?

Our technicians and turf cleaning products work hard, so you don’t have to! After the service is complete, feel free to go out and enjoy your freshly-cleaned artificial grass lawn. Our products are non-toxic, meaning that you and your family will be safe at all times.